Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A new beginning

Hello to all who may have stumbled onto my new site. Well, as a frustrated Linux enthusiast who hates the searching and searching to find out what distro I should be using, testing and testing hours on end (which does not bode too well with my wife) I thought I might offer some help with taking my knowledge of Linux to the masses. I am not out to rule the world, offer incite not found on other sites, but rather a simpler way to communicate what each of the masses of distributions of Linux in the world down to a more usable format. This is only my attempt at bringing what I think is a great way of ensuring you are in control of your computer rather than it, or other people, ruling your PC world.

I welcome any and all feedback to what I am attempting here, which for me is a first. First of all, I love Linux and what it (for the most part) is trying to do. I am not a FSF Bible thumper who thinks that all software should be free, but rather that the owners of the hardware should be free to choose. Would I like to be able to get everything for free? Sure, I love free beer, but I also like things to work and hate when that beer is flat, bitter or plain crappy. I subscribe to the idea that there really is no such thing as a free lunch.

Remember that things found on my site here are simply my humble opinion, not intended to sell anything or get you to go along with my ideas, thoughts or rants. Have fun looking and let me know what you think. Also, I don't mind if you steal (borrow) my images, just be thoughtful enough to say thank you!!!!

My rating method will be based on Pennies (Short for Penguins, cute huh???)

1 Pennie - Basically one step above DOS 5.0

2 Pennies - Basically two steps above DOS 5.0 (hah, won't be that easy) but allows some Linux function but not to the level one would expect. Most Alpha builds and some Betas would likely be here

3 Pennies - This is where I would put the bar, the place most distros will fall into. Pieces of individual packages might get placed into higher levels, but for the most part this would be the average system. A package might get this today, but as time moves along, they

4 Pennies - A package might get this today, but as time moves along, they will likely become the 3 Pennie package. This distro has something special to it, either in feature, ease of use, feature rich, or just something that sets it apart.

5 Pennies - Simply put, this is the Windows Killer, Nirvana, the end all-be all OS that meets all needs wants and leaves no doubt that MS is on the way out. Do I expect many scores of this? Not really. Again, one might get 5 Pennies today, but tomorrow it will likely become normal, as is the true idea behind Linux.

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